Listed below are the Lubes that I have played with to date.  The good, the bad and the ugly.  To read a review of each lubricant just click on the image.

Some quick lube reminders:

Water-based lubricants clean up easier but typically dry up faster and thus are recommended for masturbation vs. anal, although there are a few acceptions.  Also great to use for oral sex on a partner if you find one that doesn’t taste bad or is flavored.

Silicone-based lubricants don’t clean up as easily however work well for anal sex for many people.  It is safe to ingest in small amounts and is also great to use for oral sex on a partner or for sex in water.

Water-based and silicone-based lubricants are latex safe.

Oil-based lubricants are not latex safe!   If it is yellow or a cream chances are it is oil based.  If you aren’t sure, please refrain from using it for safer anal sex.  Oil-based lubricants break down latex and can cause tears in condoms.  Oil is a popular lube to use for masturbation.

Sliquid Organic Oceanics (Water)

Gun Oil H2O (Water)

Doc Johnson Prescription Natural (Water)

Probe (Water)

Wet Pheromone (Water, Fragrance)

System JO Anal H20 (Water, feels like silicone!)

Sliquid Organics Stimulating Gel (Water, Vegan, Tingling)

goodcleanloveGood Clean Love (Water, Vegan)

sliquid_org_gelSliquid Organics Gel (Water, Vegan)


ID Pleasure (Water, Tingling)


Maximus (Water)


Sassy (Water, Vegan)


Snake Oil (Oil)

WET Warming

WET Together Warming (Water, Warming)

JO Anal Premium

JO Anal Premium (Silicone, and my favorite for anal sex!)

You Won't Believe It's Not Boy Butter!

You Wont Believe It’s Not Boy Butter (Water, Cream)


Stroke 29 (Oil, Cream, Warming)

swissnavy_creamSwiss Navy Premium Cream (Oil, Cream)


System JO Warming (Water, Tingling)

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