theINQUEERY #1 is Now Online at QZAP

July 14, 2009

Hey everyone!

Threshing the Chafe

theINQUEERY #1: Threshing the Chafe is now available to view online at the Queer Zine Archieve Project!

If you would like a hard copy you may request one here.

Drawing of Me

June 22, 2009

Isn’t this beautiful?!

William Varner drew this image of the Birdsong reading from last night and it features me (the dude saying “Thank you Tommy”) and some lines from my piece that I read entitled The Pool.


The Pool is featured in theINQUEERY #1: Threshing the Chafe.  Click here to get a copy!

Thanks William.  I am flattered!

The Inqueery Zine #1: Threshing the Chafe

June 20, 2009

Threshing the Chafe

the INQUEERY #1: Threshing the Chafe

This zine extension of features some steamy (and some sweet) gay sex stories written by me (Brandon B.)  and drawings by the talented Danny Coeyman.  It has been published by the Birdsong Micropress and is available now!

To request a physical copy please send the title of the issue as well as your name and your mailing address to

If you would like to view it online you may do so by visiting the Queer Zine Achieve Project.

Conversation Featuring Yours Truly on

June 18, 2009

When people think red and yellow burger clown they think of Ronald McDonald and when people think of buttsex they think of me. And who wouldn’t when looking at pictures like this!

(the result of me finally snapping after working on some fetish article)

Check out this funny conversation between The L Magazine contributing writer Lauren Wilkinson and myself about the ins and outs (GET IT?) of anal sex!

My Spanking Advice on

June 18, 2009


After watching me smile and turn beat red while being playfully paddled and flogged at work a few weeks back, I managed to turn the ever-gifted Lauren Wilkinson on to sexual spanking. She enjoyed it so much that she A) admitted to thinking about me when she gets spanked (and more people should, really) and B) gave me a shout out in this week’s edition of her weekly post on The L Magazine website. Check it out in her article “Four Things You Should Know About Sex by the Time You’re 24” by click here!

Scorcher #4: BE BILLY

June 18, 2009

From the moment I first picked up and finished Scorcher #3, I knew I wanted more. Up until Scorcher #4: BE BILLY came out, I couldn’t decide if it was because I actually wanted to read more or if I was just trying to flirt with it’s creator, Max Steele. I’ve decided it’s a little bit of both.

BE BILLY is the perfect combination of sex, arrogance, self-depreciation, cynicism and acceptance. For those that like erotica with a bit of edge, emotion and self-reflection, this is a perfect read.

The character, Billy, is introduced to the reader as a person but also as various emotions and states of being. Each story details the inner monologue in Billy’s mind as he breaks down and investigates his current bed mate. For every brilliant social statement (“I’m an empty glass that you fill up with a mirror. You can make me real into a reflection of you.”) there is a provoking steamy block of fucking and flirting (“Joey dances pressing his hips into mine. We both wear tight skin pants, his cock is half hard and he presses it into mine.”). All of this is enhanced by Billy’s listless acceptance of how he perceives reality combined with the various boys and their odd social neuroses.

Scorcher #4 is being published under the Bird Song Micropress and features cover art by Todd Gilmour. It’s only $5 and can be purchased either by contacting Max Steele at or the publisher Bird Song Micropress at

Better yet — pick one up in person at the Scorcher #4 zine launch on June 6th from 6PM – 8PM at the acclaimed Envoy Gallery (click here for a map). The release will feature readings by Max Steele himself as well as original work by Tommy Pico, and Thain Torres. It will also be featuring new drawings by Danielle Rainbow Rosa who is super talented and doesn’t even know it.

Todd’s Favorite Adult Actors And Their Favorite Flowers

June 18, 2009

Todds Cover

This is my new favorite thing. Tommy bought me a mini zine-esque collection called “Todd’s Favorite Adult Actors And Their Favorite Flowers.” It’s maybe the best thing in the nation right now.

Created by artist Zach Huelsing and writer Matt Kessler, “Todd’s” is a collection of eight short stories about eight different gay porn actors, the flowers they love, and Todd’s alleged affairs with all of them. The actors include Tom Chase, Joey Stefano, Tag Adams, Colton Ford, Lukas Ridgeston, Ray Dragon, Arpad Miklos and Roman Ragazzi.

Each story is printed on the back of a card below the stats of the actor being featured (location, date of birth, height, etc). They loosely resemble baseball cards. On the front of each card is a cute line drawing of each actor exclaiming the flower that concerns them.

The stories are funny, romantic and smart. One of my favorites is Joey Stefano’s story “Pocket Full of Posies,” in which it is revealed how Forget-me-nots became his favorite flower: upon bending over to pick a posy for Todd he is pulled into the river by the weight of his whip. He manages to toss the flowers to Todd’s feet and scream “Forget me not” before being carried away by the tide.

Each story is so fun and sweet. The cards themselves are in protective sleeves and are hand-bound to the cover. It’s only $10 and you can order one from his website at If you enjoy absurd, comedic, sweet short stories, this is definitely a cool little book to grab.