Crushin’ On — Another Doll Down Edition: Jade aka David Sotomayor

April 27, 2010

Baby, the stuffin’s gettin’ HEAVY, and Brandon B. has a boner for a drag queen!  Well, drag queens in general.  I love drag, and I love androgyny, and nothing speaks to me more than a man who can put on a dress and make me want it all.  That’s why I reached out to RuPaul’s Drag Race contestants and begged them to let me bask in their glory for a moment for Crushin’ On, and the first doll I contacted was of course my favorite beauty from season 1 — Jade.  Jade aka David Sotomayor is stunning both in and out of drag.  They have a smile that could melt a stick of butter in the artic, and a beautifully sweet personality to match.  David was kind enough to ignore my obsessive nature and answer a few questions for me, and is the latest victim guest in my Crushin’ On segment!

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Geronimo Bobble-Hip

January 25, 2010

“Is it just me or is Geronimo a lot smaller than I remember him?”

Holy crap, where the hell have I been?  Lots has been going on this month, most of which includes me being the laziest asshole in Manhattan.  It’s been cold so I moved my bookcase in front of my door and have been growing a length of beard ala Crazy Mr. Burns above.

Leave it to the golden go-go boy and former Inqueery crush Geronimo to lure me out of hiding with the announcement of his new bobble-hip figurine crafted in his likeness.  Picture it: me, hair wild, hissing at the sunlight, arm scrambling to grab the figurine and retreat before I start getting Snuggie-shaped tan lines…

Man, I have so many mixed emotions about this.  This must be how it feels to be a 14 year old and buying Zack Efron merchandise from High School Musical.  I can only imagine what younger brats do with their sex idol merch.  Lord knows I am going to break this poor figurine within the first hour of it arriving.  And yes I did order one, and you can too by visiting the merchandise section of Geronimo’s website at (enjoy the hipper-than-me music and the LOL biography where he talks about his dead black chihuahua Blackie.  Zeitgeists of creativity flow through this man.)

And now back to reading Cat Fancy…

Crushin’ On: Bryan Slater

December 31, 2009

It has been as cold as a witches tit lately here in New York lately and it has cooled down my crush-drive.  When the weather is more agreeable I find myself falling in love left and right, but when it feels like air-ice outside I go into slut-hibernation and try to stay indoors as much as possible.  It’s been a while since someone has made my panties go ping, but lately they have been a pingin’ hard for porn star Bryan Slater!  This chunk of arm candy has an insane body and the looks to match.  And a personality or something.

Being the full-blown creep that I am, I asked him if he wouldn’t mind me sexually harassing interviewing him here, and he was very sweet and totally agreed.  He even sent me some never before published pics from a photo shoot he did on Fire Island this year!  How awesome is that!  After browsing these photos, I am 100% convinced that my crush is a most delicious subject.  Too delicious to be true?  We’ll see.  Keep reading to find out what this babe is all about!

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Crushin’ On: Daniel Scott Erickson

July 13, 2009

dse_2New York has its snobs, and so does Los Angeles.  I was born and raised over in LA and find myself sometimes missing the people that I so happily fled three years ago when I moved to New York.  Not in whole, but in part.  This is a very blanketed statement, but there was a healthy populous of snobs back in LA that were still actually very nice people.  The brats you encounter here can just be mean spirited grumpy preps, and that really isn’t my vibe.

That’s why I am always so happy to find people that make me smile just by watching them.  Whenever I see Daniel Scott Erickson I immediately begin to smile.  This cutie is always rocking a friendly, upbeat attitude that totally moistens my manties.  I chat with him briefly everytime I see him and he always walks away smiling back at me, as if he is hoping that I am smiling too.  After getting to know him I found that that is actually a very accurate way to describe him — he just wants everyone to be happy and have fun.

This attitude and energy is also displayed in full force through his awesomely fun band MKNG FRNDZ.  I saw a show of theirs once…and when I say “saw” I mean more like, I attended a show of theirs and was dancing and goofing off the whole time.  It was great fun and it was exactly how they like it!  In a recent interview with he talks about how he loves the people that come to their shows and just dance.  “There’s nothing to analyze here, just go crazy with us.”

After flashing some serious thigh and promising him lots of flattering comments about his package, Daniel finally agreed to let me talk to him and publicly admit that I am crushin’ on him.

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Congratulations Geronimo!

June 18, 2009

Congratulations Geronimo!

Former INQUEERY Crush Geronimo won the 2009 New York GO GO IDOL! Check out my past interview with him here!

He is also nominated for HX Magazines Go-Go Boy of the Year! Geronimo definitely deserves to win because he is not only a babe but also a really sweet guy. Go support my crush by voting for him at HX.COM! If you do it and you tell him you voted because of me, he has promised to start returning my calls*!

If you’re curious, I also voted for The House Bunny. I’m not joking.

After you submit your vote, it takes you to a page where you need to type your name and e-mail address in order for your vote to count, so make sure you don’t skip that.

Good luck, Geronimo!

Crushin’ On: Good Goose

June 18, 2009

My relationship advice to the world is simple: keep his balls empty and his stomach full. This is a guaranteed recipe for success. After seeing Good Goose of Menya perform the other night though, I am going to add “be a beat programmer, be the best band of the night, and have a killer smile” to the list.

You know those rare people that you see that are not only cute but they just look like they are going to be nice? In a city full of negative creeps I have found myself more and more drawing the line in the proverbial sand at mean-spirited, tactless, lame negative attitudes — and Good Goose was just what the doctor ordered to get over this bummer hangover. Also; dating him would mean I have succeeded in marking off another one of my “Types Of Guys I Want To Date At Least Once in My Life” list (see; guy named after benevolent animal).

Good Goose has an energy on and off stage that just makes you want to melt into him. His jizz-in-pants inducing live beats contrast well against his sweet, welcoming, and god damned sexy presence one on one. For example, I saw him leaving QBR after performing a kick ass set and so I shouted “You’re awesome!” Your typical New York hipster-in-a-band would have said thanks and maybe smiled, but would have kept walking. Good Goose smiled, said thank you, and came over to chat and I’m pretty sure he grabbed my butt and ran his fingers through my hair. That last part might be a day dream.

Ohhh I am totally crushin’ on Good Goose! He answered some questions for me, and I’m certain by the time we are done we will be as we are meant to be; Good Geese.

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Crushin’ On: Max Steele

June 18, 2009

When it comes to crushes, there’s the handsome guy that you want to marry, then there is the hot guy that you cheat on your boyfriend with, then there is the sexy creative guy that has tattoos and knows how to play an instrument. And then there is Max Steele — the type of guy that is a little bit of everything but refuses to let himself be categorized as any of them. The skinny cute hipster type that is obviously not from “here” but blends in well enough except when he performs and blows other locals out of the water. The type of guy that makes you want to try any drug he hands you, or the type of guy that will piss you off at one point just so you two can have amazing make up sex.

But what is actually attractive about Max is that everybody that encounters him immediately starts trying to associate labels with him. They try to put him in a box, but none of them fit, so they get mad at him and yet at the same time want to crawl in bed with him. I know I sure as hell have. I also know that I want his bones next to my bones pronto.

He was kind enough to let me interview him as this week’s crush in lieu of the release party for his zine Scorcher. I am hoping that by the end of this interview I will somehow manage to convince him that he is in madly in love with me.

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