Sliquid Oceanics Review

Confession time; I am terrified of the ocean. Not just the ocean, really any body of water, or even like, a stream, or water dripping off a roof, or a garbage can lid turned upside down and left out in the rain. It’s not a fear that I feel the need to confront, I am perfectly happy being afraid of water. Specifically the animals and plants in it. Really anything with a slime element just gives me the hardcore creeps. That’s why when I heard that one of my favorite lubricants was releasing a new formula called Sliquid Oceanics which is infused with elements of the ocean, I had very mixed feelings. If I wouldn’t even dare to put my foot in the ocean, would I dare to put something from the ocean in my ass? These are the deepest thoughts I ever have.

Ever since I first met the Sliquid Organics Gel I have been a very happy camper, and if you like it as much as I do then you are probably going to love Sliquid Oceanics because it is essentially the same thing, except with a pretty cool twist!

Sliquid Oceanics is infused with several things that I have trouble pronouncing; specifically carrageenan, nori, and wakame. I recognized nori, I love sushi and I know that meant sea weed, and the thought that they are putting sea weed into lube!? That’s some satanic 2012 bullshit there. Why on earth would you put something so gross feeling, so slippery, so slimey, so slick into a lubri…..OOOOOH!

You can really feel the difference, too. Although the Organic Gel version on its own already lasted a good long while, the Oceanics lube really goes the distance! I gave it the taste test and it has no flavor which is great when you plan on giving head and want to use some lube to give your cocksucking skills an extra boost. Using it to jack off requires little to no reapplication depending on how much you use.  I always tell people the more lube the better!

When used anally it really does make all the difference. I had a lovely morning with my Pure Wand the other day and Sliquid Oceanics kept my booty nice and slick the entire time.

It has all the benefits of its gel sister — it’s vegan, organic, etc.  The sea weed boost just puts it over the top, and if all that wasn’t great enough, it’s also been shown that carrageenans are extremely potent inhibitors of HPV infection. Wow.

I really can’t think of a more perfect water-based lubricant. Feel free to use that quote in your next issue, Cosmo.

Sliquid Oceanics is available at The Pleasure Chest.

2 Responses to Sliquid Oceanics Review

  1. Star says:

    Thanks for reviewing this product. Your writing style is very entertaining, and (unlike the manufacturer’s site) you addressed the most pressing concerns head on. ;) (Glad to know it doesn’t taste like a warf, for instance — that would definitely NOT be a good thing!) I wonder if you could provide any additional commentary on Sliquid Oceanics use with latex condoms? How would you rate it’s longevity when used in conjunction with such products as compared to, say, a silicone-based lubricant? (I’m determined to find a way to make my sex life safe, healthy AND fun. :))

    • mebrandonb says:

      Silicone will always last longer. I used this with a guy recently and he said he felt like it dried up faster than other lube, but it was fine for me on the receiving end. I’ll keep you posted as I do more, ahem, research. :)

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