“I HEART BRANDON B” Birthday Contest Realness!

Oh my god!! Oh my god oh my god oh my god you guys! It’s almost my favorite day of the year — my birthday! I have been trying to think of what you all could get me, as well as ways to get the attention and praise that I require as a Taurus-Sun/Leo-Moon combo, and I’ve got just the ticket. Let’s have a contest!

“I HEART BRANDON B” Birthday Contest Realness!

Everyone knows that I am a huge attention whore and exhibitionist, and my greatest hope is to help others bring that out in themselves as well. So this contest will be all about embracing your inner Brandon B and really turning it out for the camera.

To enter, e-mail me a picture of yourself (or a part of yourself — cue George Tekei “Oh my!”) that you feel expresses your true love of me using your sexy self presenting Brandon B REALNESS.   To be eligible all photos submitted should clearly display the phrase “I HEART BRANDON B”.  You can write it on paper or REALLY up your chances by writing it somewhere on your body-ody-ody.  The sexier, more creative, more fun spirited, the better — though let’s stay away from nudity.  Brandon B is all about the flirt and the tease. Leave me wanting more!  Plus I’ve seen all your dicks on MANHUNT already anyway…

Incorporating some of the things I love is also encouraged but not necessary:

* Tattoos (real or self-made fakes)!

* The color fuchsia!

* Guys wearing makeup!

* Cats! #lizlemon

* Glitter!

* Bedroom eyes!

* Shirtlessness!

Submissions will be judged based on creativity, flirtation, and ultimately the pictures that display a sense of sexy fun that I try to personally share with the world! E-mail submissions to mebrandonb@gmail.com including your name. Submissions are due by April 29th, 2011 at 9:00PM and the winners will be decided by me and my best friend and posted on my personal blog PLAN B on April 30th — my birthday! Must be 18 years old or older to enter and living within the United States.

So what are we playing for?

3rd Place will receive a bundle of Tenga Eggs and a bottle of my NEW favorite water-based lube, Sliquid Oceanics (review coming soon)

2nd Place will receive one of my favorite buttplug the Tantus B-Bomb and a bottle of Sliquid Oceanics

1st Place will receive several bottles of various Sliquid lubes as well as the coveted, the cherished, the Brandon B of sex toys — the NJOY Pure Wand

UPDATED 4/13 4:44PM: Due to the support I have received from JimmyJane, Sliquid, and The Pleasure Chest when they all heard it was my birthday and I was doing a giveaway, the 1st Place winner will also receive a JimmyJane Form 2 vibrator and they get a choice…between the NJOY Pure Wand Oooorrrrr….the beast that is the NJOY Eleven. Who’s your favorite pretty boy?

Happy birthday to me! Good luck!

2 Responses to “I HEART BRANDON B” Birthday Contest Realness!

  1. DominaDoll says:

    Fantastic contest BB! You are sooo darling!

  2. davbi says:

    I might join in. I’m not elligible to enter, but this sounds fun.

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