ANEROS Vice Review

Someone pointed out my lack of posting recently and asked if that meant I haven’t been playing with toys.  I wish I could say they were wrong, but they aren’t.  I have committed a cardinal sin; I have not been making time for me to make myself feel sexy and get off beyond quicky yank and pranks.  Now that I have seen the error of my ways I am back, and I have a whole trunk full of goodies that I have just been waiting to review for y’all.  The first on my list was the new girl in town from Aneros.  Everyone knows how much I love the Aneros line, and how much I love silicone toys, and how much I love anal vibration…well the three have finally come together in the Aneros Vice.

As I tell all my readers, the Aneros toy line is a very specific type of toy.  Those looking for more of a thrusting motion or something girthy should look into dildos.  Aneros is all about prostate massage.  The prostate gland, as we all should know by now, is a very sensitive gland that acts much as the magical female g-spot (we call ours the p-spot, men).  Massaging this gland, which sits approximately 2 – 3 inches within the anus towards the belly button side of your body, can create dramatically stronger and longer lasting climaxes.  Some readers have even reported having hands-free orgasms using one of my personal favs — the Aneros MGX!  So how does the Vice measure up?

Well for starters it is larger than the MGX.  A LOT larger.  For those looking for more girth this puppy is the ticket, though don’t let its size fool you — the silicone body of the Vice means that once it’s lubed up and your body is ready for it, it slides in like a charm.  Silicone means that it is also non-porous, so you just have to wash it before and after with some mild anti-bacterial soap and warm water and it’s safe to use without worries of it harboring bacteria.

At its widest it is 1 1/4″ and at its longest, 4″.  Doesn’t sound like a big deal?  Well let’s see!

I don’t usually watch porn when I am reviewing a product because I am SO CLINICAL and need to focus on everything, however since I am easing back in to treating myself right I decided to put on something steamy from Hot House — one of my favorite porn companies.  We’ll call it a little artistic inspiration…

One of the things I love about the Aneros toys is when they “click” into place.  That’s not to say that my ass clicks.  It does many awesome things but that isn’t one of its talents yet.  Once it got passed the second large bump and settled into place it was firm inside me.  The p-spot really doesn’t like being stimulated until you are aroused for the most part, so I didn’t turn the vibe on, I just let the porn stars do their thang and I let myself get in to it.  Once I was hard and feeling good, I turned on the vibe.

I have to confess I never thought I’d get married, but I am officially announcing my engagement to the Aneros Vice vibe.

It doesn’t just vibe.  It vibes hard, and then slowly decreases in intensity.  Once it has settled for a moment, it builds up again and vibes intensely inside the Vice, which carries the vibration straight up through its delicious silicone body.  This rhythmic vibration is good for keeping tempo with contracting and releasing the toy, resulting in a firm and buzzy massage of your p-spot.

After a few minutes I couldn’t even focus on the porn; I was making a scene all my own.  Jacking off with this beast inside of me, teasing me and thrilling me, was the only thing I could concentrate on.  When it came time to cum, I came a cum worthy of coming home to.  The climax was strong, and each pulsation of my ass pressed my now SUPER sensitive prostate against the still teasing vibration of the toy.

I am super happy with the Aneros Vice.  It’s not an “all the time” toy, but it is a great toy for Aneros enthusiasts such as myself who want to take their orgasm to the next level!

It runs a little high at around $139.95, but for those who want a piece of art that not only pleases but also exercises your PC muscle set — resulting in more control over your ejaculation and more intense orgasms — this toy will earn its keep in no time!

Aneros Vice is available at The Pleasure Chest.

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