Cobra Libre Review

I know what you’re thinking. “Why haven’t you been posting your usual TMI and what the fuck is that thing on the left?” Well the answers are related — I have been busy with work and that is a sex toy (aka work). But here I am pervs, and I have a very special treat to share with you. Introducing Fun Factory‘s new Cobra Libre for men. I know you guys are a big fan of the Fleshlight and although this is similar to it it’s actually difficult to compare the two because this little puppy does something that the Fleshlight doesn’t — it vibrates!

I have to send a very warm shout out to Memo at Fun Factory who is a big supporter of mine and hooks me up with all kinds of great products. Thanks Memo! I was very curious when he told me about this toy and he happily obliged my desperate begging subtle suggestions that I wanted to try the Cobra Libre and sent me one. <3

The Cobra Libre is made out of platinum silicone which as I’ve told you before is very hygienic and easy to clean and should only be used with water-based lubricants. I’m a germ freak so things like that matter to me. To give you an idea of how germ freaky I am this post has taken me 3 hours to type already because I keep stopping to Purrel my keyboard.

Check out this ad for the Cobra Libre. I guess it’s supposed to look like a car, versus what I thought it looked like (see; squid body).

This isn’t your mother’s jerk off toy (I’m convinced my mom has several). As I said before it vibrates, and these vibrations range from mild to wildly intense. It’s also rechargeable and fully submersible so you can safely use it under water if you wanted, but I can’t fit into my bath tub so I wasn’t able to test that out.

I grabbed my Sliquid Sassy and lubed up the interior of the toy nice and wet and then proceeded to lather up my 14″ cock.   The entrance of the Cobra Libre is only about 2 1/2″ so the jerking motions are limited, but we all know it’s all about the head anyway (“I’ve got three kids by the head!”).

Slipping your dick in this thing is like fucking a robot, which may not sound fun at first but think about it. Still nothing? Ok well let me try to elaborate in a non-insane way…

The vibrations against the head of your dick almost act like an intense stroking sensation all on their own. We’ve all heard of hummers (when you hum while sucking someone off) and it’s basically the same thing, except the Cobra Libre doesn’t stop to complain that it’s their turn now. Get back to work down there!

Slight jerking motions and twists are all you need to send shivers down your spine literally! This toy is very intense and although I’d say it’s not a “use this everytime you jack off” type of toy, it is definitely a “put out the good silverware we have an important guest” type.

Cumming with this thing buzzing on your dick is super intense. You know that feeling right after you cum when you’re like DON’T TOUCH IT DON’T EVEN LOOK AT IT because you’re so sensitive? Yeah well it ignores that and literally made my legs quake like I was a puppet and my puppeteer was shaking me.

My only complaint are the buttons. They are sensitive to touch, and the way they are positioned can make it hard to hold the toy without accidentally adjusting the vibration intensity, but a little careful practice and that’s not an issue. Or just do what I do and lay it down on the bed and fuck it. Ooo la la, who needs a man. The other downside is this toy has been so popular they are almost never in stock! Grab one while you can!

Two thumbs up! If I had more thumbs I’d put them up.

Cobra Libre provided by Fun Factory. You can purchase one from your local Pleasure Chest.

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